We Support The Rights Of People With Limb Loss

Whether through trauma, illness, or limb differences from birth, millions of people of all ages experience limb loss each year. After clearing the initial hurdle of coping with life-altering events comes another wave of challenges: getting around the barriers to receiving a prosthetic and the basic mobility and quality of life they provide.

How We Take Action

The Crisis

We can’t do anything about limb loss, but we can help those affected by it.

We Can Help You

Would receiving a properly fit prosthetic limb change your life in important ways? If so, please consider applying for one of our grants.

Join Our Team

Interested parties, please join our culture of philanthropy, where giving is not a business transaction but a human connection with people that care for the Right to Walk cause.

Our Mission:
To Protect Those With Limb Loss

Right to Walk is dedicated to helping those experiencing limb loss finally obtain the professionally-fit prosthetics they need, so they can regain the quality of life they deserve. Our mission is personal: our founders combine their unique experiences with limb loss and prosthetics, forming a passionate team driven to find better solutions.

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