The need is greater than you think

Currently 1 in 200 Americans is living with the loss of a limb.
By 2050, the population of people with limb loss is expected to grow by 200%.

Insurance often falls short

1 in 10

amputees are denied basic mobility because of money.

Insurance policies often under-fund, completely deny or policy benefits are exhausted leaving many people with limb loss without mobility and the ability to complete daily tasks. They cannot obtain a usable prosthesis and return to their lifestyle or have the right to walk.

Critical gap

Over 1/3

of amputees are forced to return to life without a prosthetic.

There is a critical gap between who needs a medical prosthetic and those who receive one. After overcoming the initial trauma of losing your limb, the person with limb loss experiences barriers to receiving a medical prosthetic device for basic mobility and quality of life.

Limb Loss does not discriminate

2.1 Million

people in the in the United States with limb loss.

People of all ages, backgrounds and lifestyles lose limbs and require prosthetics. Whether it happens from trauma, cancer, an accident, or on the battlefield, it is equally devastating.

It is in our hands, start fighting for the right to walk today.

We restore grant recipients to mobility by giving them access to the medically necessary prosthetic they have been waiting for.