Interested in Receiving a Prosthetic Grant from Right to Walk?

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Our grant sponsorship’s assist those with limb loss that do not have the financial means to obtain a prosthetic device, cannot be fit functionally, and have exhausted all resources. If interested in our program, please tell us your story, and complete this initial application. Online submissions are only for interested persons over the age of 13, if your child is under 13 years old please contact us for more information.
Losing a limb is a major disability with a tangible alternative. The Right to Walk Foundation seeks to remove barriers to prosthetic care such as healthcare denials, policy depletion, ill-fitting prosthetic devices, and lack of financial ability.
Without a prosthetic device, the patient is compromised in basic activities of daily life, work, leisure, as well as community engagement.
  • They experience secondary health problems from a sedentary lifestyle.
  • Many times, depression and post-traumatic stress invade.
  • They cannot simply return to an active lifestyle without a quality prosthetic device.
  • We all have the right to walk, a prosthetic is not just a device, it is a needed body part.

Application for assistance

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I hereby consent to release medical information pertaining to the amputation and treatment. I consent to the participation in interviews, the use of quotes, and use and/or taking of photographs, movies or audio or video tapes of the applicant named above. I also grant Right to Walk the right to edit, use, and reuse said products for all purposes to include use in print, on the internet, and all other forms of media by Right to Walk.
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