In a world where a prosthetic can change a life,
we fight for everyone’s right to walk.

A video from our President, Jon Beeson.

What We Do

The Right to Walk Foundation has a clear and simple strategy:
To improve access, fit, and availability of prosthetics for those who need them most.


  • Provide medically necessary prosthetics and components to those who can’t afford them

  • Provide access to rehabilitation facilities and resources for those who have lost a limb

  • Support individuals hoping to recapture their health and wellbeing necessary to live a full and active life

  • Show the benefit a well made prosthetic can provide and increases public understanding of it’s importance

  • Create a strong coalition in the field of prosthetics and bring the best prosthetics and care to those who need it most


Our Board Members each bring unique experiences with limb loss to the organization. We sought to combine the perspectives of patients, prosthetists and allies to provide the most comprehensive approach to advocating for the Right to Walk.

<center><strong> Shellie Plasch</strong>
Shellie Plasch
Executive Director
An occupational therapist by training, Shellie is now the Director of Sales and Marketing for internationally-renowned Peter Harsch Prosthetics. Previously, Shellie was the Southern California sales representative for Ottobock for eight years. She has a unique understanding of the challenges experienced by those with limb loss, adjustment to their daily activities and the immediate, positive life impact prosthetics can have for them. She uses her talents with prosthetic knowledge, therapy, messaging and connection to guide the Foundation’s operations, overseeing all efforts, partnership and outreach.
<center><strong>Jon Beeson</strong>
Jon Beeson
Born without a left arm, Jon understands the challenges and everyday ups and downs of amputee life. A two-time Paratriathlon World Champion and Kona Ironman finisher, Jon is a highly respected property management consultant and founder of Estate Management Group, Inc. He uses his strong leadership skills and insights to identify and develop new avenues of support for the limb loss community. He is a founding member of and still serves on the International Triathlon Union Paratriathlon Committee.
<center><strong>Tabi King</strong>
Tabi King
Vice President
With decades of involvement in the prosthetics industry, Tabi has longstanding involvement in advocacy and awareness around limb loss and disability. She served for over a decade on the USAT/PC Commission with the goal of getting Paratriathlon included in the Paralympic Games, which it was in 2010 and also served as a member of the Board of Directors for the Orthotic & Prosthetic Athlete Assistance. A 26+ year Board Member for the Challenged Athletes Foundation, she is currently the Director of Product Marketing at Össur, where she oversees global initiatives.
<center><strong>Roy Perkins Jr. </strong>
Roy Perkins Jr.
A childhood quad amputee and prosthetic wearer, Roy is a ten-time Paralympic swimming medalist. He first understood the importance of prosthetics when he began donating his own childhood prosthetics to patients in Haiti. His dedication to helping amputees access a better quality of life has led him to participate in a number of organizations that work for the betterment of disabled people, including volunteer coaching with Parasport Spokane.
<center><strong>Terrence Mooney, CPA </strong>
Terrence Mooney, CPA
The principal of his own accounting firm for over 35 years, where he works with many companies including a prosthetics practice, Terry provides financial guidance to the Foundation. His extensive insight into accounting and auditing helps us assure that every dollar of the Foundation’s charity funding is well spent.
<center><strong>Robert Baker </strong></center>
Robert Baker
Board Member
A physiologist-turned-attorney, Robert combines a deep understanding of the physical consequences of limb loss with a passion to pursue justice for those who have experienced it.
<center><strong>Albert Yu-Min Lin, Ph.D. </strong></center>
Albert Yu-Min Lin, Ph.D.
Board Member
An award-winning Explorer of the National Geographic Society, UCSD research scientist, entrepreneur and storyteller, Albert has dedicated his career and life to redefining human capability. As the host of several National Geographic shows, including Lost Cities, his onscreen presence is a constant reminder to viewers that limb loss is a reality, but one that can still include a limitless life when prosthetics provide a second chance. Having personally experienced the tremendous benefits of good prosthetics, Albert now helps the Foundation think creatively about how we can assist others in accessing the prosthetics they need.
<center><strong>Eric McElvenny </strong></center>
Eric McElvenny
Board Member
A husband, father and endurance athlete, Eric lost his leg while serving as a Marine. His recovery was aided by excellent prosthetic care which allowed him to recover and continue an active lifestyle without worry. Eric now regularly competes in triathlons around the world and is excited to be part of someone else’s journey through the mission of the Right to Walk Foundation.