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Losing a limb is a major disability with a tangible alternative. The Right to Walk Foundation seeks to remove barriers to prosthetic care such as healthcare denials, policy depletion, ill-fitting prosthetic devices, and lack of financial ability.

  • Without a prosthetic device, the patient is compromised in basic activities of daily life, work, leisure, as well as community engagement.

  • They experience secondary health problems from a sedentary lifestyle.

  • Many times, depression and post-traumatic stress invade.

  • They cannot simply return to an active lifestyle without a quality prosthetic device.

We all have the right to walk, a prosthetic is not just a device, it is a needed body part.


A prosthesis cannot be sold over the counter like a pair of shoes. Each prosthesis is made per anatomical measurements, casting and molds, and a custom socket is made from lightweight carbon fiber to fit around a person’s amputated limb, almost like a glove.


Since each prosthetic is custom-made to each person, the prosthetist must take several factors into consideration, such as health, lifestyle, age, weight, and goals.


Those with limb loss receiving higher technology prosthetic devices have a better quality of life, fewer emergency room visits and other comorbidities than patients limited to no or less advanced prosthetic limbs.


Prosthetic limbs need to be repaired and maintained. Often prosthetic limbs need to be replaced every 3-5 years, and sockets may need to be replaced or adjusted more frequently if the individual changes.

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Without a limb each day is full of insurmountable tasks. Difficulty with activities, normally taken for granted, leave an amputee exhausted and left with little energy for work or leisure activities. Receiving a prosthetic limb empowers the person with limb loss to return to their active live and be productive members of our community. The social cost of being disabled cannot be measured in monetary value but can be extremely costly to a person’s sense of self-worth. If you believe that everyone has a right to walk, please join our cause and donate today.

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“Walking is man’s best medicine.”

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