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Finding and Funding quality prosthetics for amputees

Our mission is to grant every amputee access to a well-fitting prosthetic because a quality prosthetic means a quality life. And even though it seems like that should be available to everyone, not everyone can afford it, and that is why we exist.  We believe that every has the right to not only walk but run, travel, dance, and live out their dreams.

2.1 Million

People with limb loss in the United States

1 in 10

Amputees can’t afford a prosthetic


Amputees are forced to return to life without a prosthetic


Growth of the amputee population expected by 2050

Give someone a leg to stand on

Supporting people with limb loss

If you are an amputees or have been affected by limb-loss in some way, we want you to know that this organziation was founded just for you. We relate to what you are going through and we know the challenges ahead becuse many of us are amputees as well.
We encourage you to read the stories of hope and possibility throughout our website and learn about our mission and what motivates us. And, when you are ready, please consider applying for our grant so that we can join you on the road ahead. There is hope and we are living proof. Let’s join forces and all live life to the fullest!

A Prosthetic can change a life. And we want you to live a life without limits!

Albert Lin
Co-Founder, Board Member
Right to Walk Foundation

A well-fitted prosthetic device makes a world of difference in the quality of life.

The Right to Walk was founded by a group of passionate people dedicated to helping amputees gain mobility.

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As a life long quadruple amputee, I know the importance of quality prosthetics and prosthetic care.



Hear from one of our providers about the engineering and innovation that goes into making the ideal, high-mobility prosthetic.

Success Stories

“At first rehabilitation was hard because it was hard to clip on the prosthetic. But each time it easier and now I am more used to it.”


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“A column of enemy Russian vehicles caught up to us, one of the tanks veered away from the column and came directly toward us.”


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“Now I can ride a bike”


Read Yana’s Story

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